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@chadhs: @shaun-mahood crazy? might be the only way to stay sane! Want to look at a sophisticated wrapper around react? Take this and some time to read: To get started with it, there is a leiningen template:, Connecting to your existing backend services I'd go with cljs-ajax: Of course we also have a websocket library if you need that. re-frame is a completely new concept, however, I think it makes sense. If you don't like that, we also have OM, reagent and quiescent as a wrapper around react. If you don't like react, there is also a lib that wraps virtualdom, just cannot recall the name right now. Or, the most boring option, you start with plain cljs. I would still go with live reloading though in that case: Just remember, for most things there is a leiningen template available to get you started, No need to put something together manually


I have a question regarding namespaces


I have two of them:

(ns main.developers)
(ns main.developers.single-developer)


is there any way to use single-developer inside main.developers without specyfing the full path (:require [main.developers.single-developer :as single-developer])?


There surely is a way, you could load the file for instance. But your example is idiomatic, what do you really want to achieve? what is your goal with that question?


can I skip main.developers. from main.developers.single-developer if I'm already in main.developers namespace?


I need to require "child" namespace so I wonder if I always have to provide a full path to require it or can I only provide this "child" specific part


Ah, no, you cannot do that, a namespace has no notion of child's. The compiler neither. This is a concept in your head, but not in clojure regarding namespaces.


I see, that's what I thought because I've never met something like that


On the other hand, it might be possible to make a macro that can just do that.


And prepend a namespace to a given one, by just guessing and some strict rules. However to much magic going on then, at least for my taste


Hi! My question might be off topic, but as a beginner Clojure learner I'm curious about how does Clojure and Functional Programming itself stand on the job market? Are companies really beginning to lean towards FP? The biggest thing I like about it is the immutability.


They really are.


It’s more prevalent in Europe—you’ll see a lot of job posts for London, Berlin, and so forth—but it’s catching fire in the US, too.


Last handful of interviews I went to have all been Clojure.