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Jeffrey Bay21:10:17

hi all, can anyone explain what's happening here?

user=> (def t (ZonedDateTime/now))
user=> (def zr (.getRules (.getZone t)))
user=>  (def instant (.toInstant t))
user=> (.isDaylightSavings zr instant)
Method isDaylightSavings on class not allowed! [at <repl>]

Jeffrey Bay21:10:24

this is the commonly suggested way to determine if a ZonedDateTime (i.e. a java time) is in daylight savings or not, but I can't seem to execute it on Babashka 0.9.161


This is a roundabout way of saying that this class isn't available in bb yet., We should add it here: I can provide you with a temporary new binary after it's added there.

Jeffrey Bay21:10:06

that would be great, thanks


Which os are you on?

Jeffrey Bay21:10:45

that's what you were asking right?


It's building now in CI, commit e31cb57a3db943acd8a37234e48a2b60e7dc7dfc. You can see the binaries coming in in #CSDUA8S6B in a few minutes. Once it's there, you should also be able to install it using:

$ bash <(curl ) --version 1.0.165-SNAPSHOT --dir .


Should be there now

Jeffrey Bay22:10:31

yep, i got it


Feel free to come back if something else is missing in java.time

Jeffrey Bay22:10:15

so this works and i was able to solve my problem

Jeffrey Bay22:10:41

i'm not able to push my changes to the rest of the team until i have an actual build though - any idea when that will come?


I can make a new release tomorrow

Jeffrey Bay22:10:21

oh sweet, that would be great. you're the best, man!