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I have an attribute called :document/relevant-for which is generated for a bunch of documents based on an input dataset. This attribute can be specified as a field when searching for documents in my search UI. I also need users to be able to tag documents with similar information themselves using my UI. In this latter case I will need to retain metadata about the “tagging” i.e. the timestamp and the username. I guess reification is the only way, right? Asami doesn’t have any kind of RDF*-like triples about a triple functionality, does it?

respatialized15:10:02 The capability for this is there, but not yet surfaced to DB users – at least not as of when I had asked a similar question.

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I really need to get to this backlog item. I’m sorry!


But for now… yes. Reify

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Incidentally, I’m using RDF/SPARQL at work, and I need to provide creation and update dates, along with author names on some properties. Stardog supports meta statements, but I am instead reifying, because it’s more compatible with the graph model