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we started exploring a clojure cdk wrapper at last job, with some success. particularly, cdk-tf which gets rid of the multi-cloud argument too. i definitely have some opposition to introducing turing-completeness to this space, but if your state is sufficiently small and isolated to the service / repo it's bound to, then it can be a great pattern.

Drew Verlee03:09:17

What is "the multicloud argument"?


CloudFormation brought up before this is AWS specific. I've always thought that TF advertising multi-cloud vs multi-platform was silly. Terraform can declaratively manage resources for you across everything; CF doesn't just miss out on GCP and Azure, it misses out on Pagerduty, Sentry, et al, anything you'd like to compose with your infrastructure data plane.


terraform can also be just json and gives you opportunity to, for example, set up a sentry app / datadog app + dashboards / etc in conjunction with your service deployment itself to ensure optimal reuse / composition of contextual variables and, in general, more standardization across various *aaS deps.

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Oh wow, I can't believe I missed the fact that they have a json-compatible syntax. I thought I tried googling that when I was looking into them but I must have done a bad job


one way to evaluate anything above CF is high vs low level constructs. low level are just a DSL on top of CF. high level are constructs which do extra stuff for you e.g. add a lambda to a gateway, the construct adds all the IAM stuff for you transparently. This is a big time saver. This is where CDK shines.