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Mario Trost11:09:23

I work in a project where the repo root is not the lein project root, like so:

- reporoot
  - src (I don't know yet, why this exists)
  - code (project is started inside here with lein dev)
    - project.clj
When I open the folder reporoot I don't get any IDE goodies like code navigation from Calva/Clojure-LSP, but it works fine when I open the folder code. As expected, Clojure-lsp Server Info command shows an empty classpath vector when opening reporoot but a correctly populated one when opening code folder. What I tried: 1. Setting reporoot/.lsp/config.edn :project-path to code/project.clj results in warning that project.clj could not be located 2. Setting :project-path to code results in errors (as expected from reading Clojure-lsp Docs) 3. Trying to cd into code before lein classpath is called by changing :classpath-cmd to [ "cd" "code" "&&" "lein" "classpath" ] , because the warning from try number 1. suggests to me that Clojure-lsp calls lein classpath from reporoot instead of code 4. Also some tries changing :source-paths in config.end to include code/src and also some changes to :source-paths in code/project.clj that didn't work out. Is there some way to call lein classpath from inside a subfolder of reporoot (if indeed that is the problem)?

Mario Trost11:09:23

Addendum: This is not urgent so enjoy your weekends if you can 🙂


:thinking_face: I don't use Lein. But for a tools.deps project: If I make an empty folder folder (optionally adding an empty deps.edn in folder), copy some existing project project into folder, and then open folder in Code: 1. I get all the expected behavior from Calva in files inside project. 2. If I run Jack-In, I am presented with a menu to choose to run Jack-In on either /path/to/folder or path/to/folder/project.


Hmmm. I don't get any clojure-lsp help regardless if I have a tools.deps or Leiningen project in a sub folder of the opened root.


I guess I'm just lucky? ☺️


It could also be that we differ on ”all the expected behavior” 😃 Can you navigate to any clojure core stuff?


I can make tools.deps work for me if I put a this deps.edn in reporoot:

{:deps {sub-proj/sub-proj {:local/root "sub-tools-deps-project"}}}


Hmmm, now it works without a deps.edn file. And I get navigation in a Leiningen sub-project as well...


Very strange. Especially this with that at first it didn't work, then it ”works”. Putting that into quotes, because clojure-lsp server-info reports a classpath of [] if I don't have a deps.edn file. And will only get the correct classpath for the tools.deps project if I specifiy the local/root of the sub project. For the Leiningen sub project I have no clue how to make it work. Probably we need help with getting the clojure-lsp settings right. Ping @UKFSJSM38


clojure-lsp project itself is a example of a mono-repo deps project which works great, but deps allow that and make it easy with local/root, lein makes that harder. I don't know what setting is project-path you mentioned @ULA8H51LP, maybe you could provide a sample repro that doesn't work for you so we can try it as well?


Not sure what you mean by "navigate to" clojure core stuff. Must be a feature I don't know about? I do get a popup of the docs when I hover over a core function symbol.


Popup is fine too. 😃 Navigate to some definition by cmd-clicking it. Or hit F12.

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Ooh. Nice. 🍦


But yeah. That works just fine in my attempt at a repro.

Mario Trost14:09:21

> If I run Jack-In, I am presented with a menu to choose to run Jack-In on either /path/to/folder or path/to/folder/project. That behavior is identical to with what I get, thanks for trying it out!

Mario Trost14:09:10

> Hmmm, now it works without a deps.edn file. And I get navigation in a Leiningen sub-project as well... Strange: It worked once for me but then I tried it again and it didn't.

Mario Trost15:09:48

> I don't know what setting is project-path you mentioned @ULA8H51LP, maybe you could provide a sample repro that doesn't work for you so we can try it as well? With project-path I meant the project-specs setting that can be configured with a .lsp/config.edn file (

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Mario Trost15:09:19

The project public on Github but I just started working there 2 days ago and check with them if I can share it. If they rather I don't I try to create a repro. Thanks for all your help!


From your link: > Note that clojure-lsp will make this scan to save the cache when: > • The project has no cache (`.lsp/.cache`) > • The project deps file (`project.clj` for example) changed. > • The clj-kondo config has changed. Perhaps LSP is not scanning for classpath because no trigger to indicate cache is out of date? What if you just delete reporoot/.lsp/cache and try again?


@U90R0EPHA you thought makes sense, but we search for specific data in the cache here:, so it's hard to be a corrupted cache, even so, worth the try

Mario Trost17:09:49

That didn't work either, here is a small repro: I can share the bigger project too but the repro worked so made more sense to share that. But don't feel any urgency to fix this, I can work with just opening the code folder for. Thanks again for all the help!


Thanks, I will try it myself soon


@ULA8H51LP answering your question, lein does not support running from a different dir which is bad, but you can, even so, there are other clojure-lsp features that rely on :project-root-uri to work properly, which is something client(Calva) sends, using the current opened dir IIRC. Fixing the classpath command would help but would be a workaround, the best would be if Calva allows users to send a different project-root-uri during LSP initialize request, lsp-mode (Emacs), for example allows that.

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Issue please. 😃

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I just tried it. (And got reminded that we've been trying it before.) VS Code won't allow it, whatever I send, VS Code will use the workspace root. I think our options here are: 1. Send the project-root-uri in some non-standard way 2. Not support this use case

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Mario Trost09:09:04

That's a bumber 😄 Issue is here, feel free to close again:

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I found a workaround, using VS Code Workspaces. I updated the issue with it. Please see if it works for you, @ULA8H51LP.

Mario Trost10:09:43

🎉🎉🎉 Works like a charm, thank you so much!


Awesome! Would you like to provide a PR adding that workaround to I think it could go onto the general clojure-lsp page as well as get cross referenced from the page about workspace layouts.


I can of course do this myself, since I have things set up. But it is more fun with a contribution. 😃

Mario Trost10:09:12

yeah sure I give it a try!


Great! Please direct this one to dev (we usually direct doc changes to published) because it would be good with a changelog entry going with it that points to the issue you created.

Mario Trost10:09:07

:thumbsup: Should get to it later in the day

Mario Trost14:09:10

Here you go! Thanks again for the support to all of you! And for Calva, and for Clojure-LSP!

gratitude 2

Calva's command "Toggle the REPL connection" doesn't complain, but the prompt still says clj:user. I had started the Clojure process with Calva's jack-in -> Leiningen+Shadow. For the most part, everything went fine, but there was a remark "Failed starting cljs repl for build: :app. Is the build running and connected?". (That's the right build keyword.) By "connected" is it referring to the browser? At that exact moment, the browser was not open. I subsequently opened the browser to the page served by Shadow's dev http. Shadow's "npx shadow-cljs cljs-repl :app" REPL works. Can Calva also connect? The symptom looks similar to but I am trying with Leiningen+Shadow, not deps.edn.


@U0ETXRFEW Any ideas here? You’re more familiar with this area of Calva.


Oh, thanks for the heads-up, @U9A1RLFNV. I had missed this one.


That's a confusing error message: ”Is the build running and connected?” because it doesn't need to be running or connected for the cljs REPL to start. I should reword that.


@U0HG4EHMH I think you might run into a Leiningen issue there, where it doesn't pick up the nrepl middleware configuration from the command line. You'll need to configure that in project.clj. See


Hello all, After start with VSCODE in Clojure project, I'm getting this: [Error - 20:45:32] Server initialization failed. Message: Internal error Code: -32603 [object Object] [Error - 20:45:32] Clojure Language Client client: couldn't create connection to server. Message: Internal error Code: -32603 In WSL is ok, only problem with Windows 11


it seems calva is not finding clojure-lsp :thinking_face:


it says downloading ... but stop after


so it's not being able to download clojure-lsp for some reason, as a workaround while Calva maintainers don't take a look, you could point to a clojure-lsp manually downloaded


and there is a calva config to point the clojure-lsp path


only point to .exe like?


Yes, use the full path of the exe.


Also, please create an issue for your problem.


Windows 11 Pro

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Calva is utilizing cider-nrepl and clojure-lsp to create this VS Code experience.
  nREPL dependencies configured:
    nrepl: 1.0.0
    cider-nrepl: 0.28.5
    cider/piggieback: 0.5.3
  clojure-lsp version configured: latest

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