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Ian Fernandez13:08:44

anyone knows about this?

Ian Fernandez13:08:46

Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at (service.clj:33).
Cannot find resource cognitect/aws/sqs-client/service.edn.


Type in your deps and your client construction expression @d.ian.b

Ian Fernandez13:08:13

no worries found

Ian Fernandez13:08:21

typo in client build

Ian Fernandez13:08:40

(aws/client {:api :some-typo
             :credentials-provider creds})

Ian Fernandez13:08:54

that was the thing caused the error

Ian Fernandez13:08:14

kinda cryptic, for this, right?

Ian Fernandez13:08:24

"data": {
        "ErrorResponse": {
            "Error": {
                "Type": "Sender",
                "TypeAttrs": {},
                "Code": "AccessDenied",
                "CodeAttrs": {},
                "Message": "Access to the resource  is denied.",
                "MessageAttrs": {},
                "Detail": null,
                "DetailAttrs": {}
            "ErrorAttrs": {},
            "RequestId": "d16a1885-6555-51c5-93c9-43e8ddbaae75",
            "RequestIdAttrs": {}
        "ErrorResponseAttrs": {
            "xmlns": ""
        "cognitect.anomalies/category": "cognitect.anomalies/forbidden"

Ian Fernandez13:08:54

In terraform I have

      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Action": [
      "Resource": "${my_events_q_arn}"

Ian Fernandez13:08:10

though that it would be alright this