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So many improvements. Great work! I like poly is using XDG directories - a ton of improvements. Will update to it out now and give feedback.


we upgraded and so far so good. I will implement tests via polylith soon 🤞

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FlowStorm Clojure and ClojureScript debugger 2.3.131 is out FlowStorm is a Clojure and ClojureScript debugger with some unique features. 2.3.131 includes new features : - New lazy and recursive value inspector ( - New tap tool to work with tap> ( - Support for light and dark themes, in selected or automatic mode. Checkout the user guide for more info. (thanks to Liverm0r!) - Thread tabs can be closed and reordered - New functions for shutting down the debugger gracefully (for using in state components) and a bunch of bug fixes. Github repo : User Guide Show up in #flow-storm if you are interested in this kind of stuff. Cheers!

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Interesting! It would help me (and likely other would-be users) to have an intro paragraph in the github explaining the what/why of the project i.e. I see that it's a debugger, why should I pick yours? (nowadays I don't use a debugger at all tbh, open to going back to them)


hi @U45T93RA6, sure, good idea. I gave a talk reacently that goes over exactly that question, the slide is here:


great read, thank you!