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Hi, I am looking into feature flags and wondering what the biggest mistakes are that people encountered when implementing them. Anyone has got some f***ups to tell?


Underestimating the problem domain is one. You seem to be dodging that particular mistake nicely. 😃


And has a great implementation. There’s an open source Clojure SDK lib from AppVeyor as well. (I haven’t tried that one yet, because I’ve been in ClojureScript land. But will soon get to Clojure and might use that lib.)


couldn't find the appveyor lib though


I haven’t seen this one yet. It was released yesterday and already has 24K views. Might be worth a watch!

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When we started developing Metabase's cloud platform, our initial (ops) feature flags implementation stored the flags in DynamoDB. The rationale was that our feature flags would still be manageable (directly via DynamoDB) even if the cloud platform's management UI was inoperable (it was in a high state of flux). This turned out to be a bit overly cautious, and caused more testing issues (having to mock out DynamoDB) than increasing robustness. We migrated feature flags to the app db.

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