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(Cross-post from #jobs) Good morning! Splash Financial is hiring experienced US-based Clojure engineers for full-time remote work. Splash started with providing a competitive student loan refinancing marketplace to consumers but has also recently moved into the personal loans space- with other verticals to come. The company recently closed its Series B round of funding, is already cash-flow positive, and growing extremely fast. I’ve been working at Splash for a year now. It has been an incredibly positive move for me. People at Splash are candid, kind, fun, unpretentious, and technically excellent. Some relevant bullet points: - CLJ, CLJS, and Babashka - Running containerized apps and services in AWS ECS - Messaging between systems with SNS/SQS - Microservices architecture with a monorepo (Bazel) - Data persistence with Postgres - Github actions with a bunch of great CI - Aggressive, almost continuous, deployments - All things Terraformed - Good middleweight design doc and ADR process We have a “Clojure University” for leveling up devs who don’t have (much) Clojure experience, and there are also opportunities to help design and teach the curriculum. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to DM me here, or follow this link to our job posting:

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Latacora is hiring a Manager for the SecOps (Cloud, network and platform security) team: -- I'm the HM, happy to answer questions in DM. Due to the distribution of our engineers, particularly the junior ones, unfortunately this role will need to be in US timezones to be successful, though it's not quite US-specific (Canada or Mexico would be fine too; we can hire internationally, let me know if you're wondering about a specific country).

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