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I switched to a :tree-view with a cell-factory and now I am seeing some odd tree items display below my tree (see screenshot - those things at the bottom are not supposed to be there). I'm assuming this is a styling issue?


Not a styling issue. An error was thrown in the REPL and I missed it. When working on a reveal feature, how can you get exceptions to populate in reveal? Or is there some other workflow?


Hmm, it's possible to make reveal to catch cljfx exceptions and then submit them to reveal, but I'm hesitant to do it because it might make debugging harder if error in reveal breaks it and then an attempt to show error will not work


When working on reveal, do you have both reveal and cursive repl open?


Only reveal repl


So how do you know if an ex was thrown? Just good intuition at this point?


If no updates happen or something looks wrong, then I check the logs..