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As I write up the Windows issue… I realize I never did ask about skia on Windows. What’s the limitation there?


I just need to build it for windows


skialib, that is


I don't have a windows dev environment set up.


I've heard that the skija backend works on windows


what do you use for windows development?


Ah good to know, thanks. Many many many years ago, Window used to be my main dev platform. I now just use a Windows 10 Home 64-bit virtual machine under Parallels Desktop to occasionally verify this and that. For Windows CI stuff there is GitHub Actions… but I hear that CircleCI has added Windows to their free tier as well(?).


I have a paid GH account, so I can theoretically get CI to make the build, but it's pretty painful to set it up the first time without a local setup. I also recently, got Parallels Desktop, but I have yet to actually figure out how to do anything on Windows


Yeah these days I pretty much just use Windows to make sure my Graal native-image stuff works on Windows. I typically setup CI testing for Windows too - just because of those Windows gotchas it finds.