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Just released Portal, a data inspection / exploration tool for Clojure. Since the last announcement, Portal has seen a lot of improvements but here are some of the highlights: • • Load js from node_modules in • A jwt viewer for jwt string • portal.api/docs for viewer docs • Drop by #C0185BFLLSE with any questions.

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Dustin Getz12:04:07

looks amazing

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:03:11

Clojure CLI is now available • - Fix error in -X:deps find-versions with an uncanonicalized lib name • Use 0.18.1331

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Joshua Suskalo15:03:21 Foreign Function Interface for Clojure version 0.6.409 is now available • Support for JDK 19 (cut a release in preparation for work on JDK 20 support) • Fixes for defining static variables that refer to native symbols • Fixes for nil values being incorrectly passed to native code in native function literals • Fixes for incorrect padding in some structs • Changed the name of "scopes" to "sessions" to match Panama documentation (they renamed it in JDK 19)

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kuzmin_m16:03:29 DI is a dependency injection framework that allows you to define dependencies as cheaply as defining function arguments. 2.1.0 Now you can pass a vector as the key argument to start many keys.

(with-open [root (di/start [`handler `helper])]
  (let [[handler helper] root]

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