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Kaocha 1.79.1270 is out, with (drum roll), Babashka compatibility! Kaocha is a comprehensive test runner, containing everything you would expect from modern test tooling. This is the eight Kaocha release this year, with many thanks to Clojurists Together and Gaiwan for the financial support.

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CHANGELOG for recent releases (combined) • Kaocha is now compatible with Babashka. Running under Babashka is most useful for validating your Clojure code runs correctly on Babashka, but it may also be faster for some test suites because of reduced start up time. • Fix issue with --watch and Neovim by bumping Beholder to 1.0.2 • Fix bug causing namepaces to not be loaded if an alias was already created for them using :as-aliaskaocha.repl/config accepts a :profile key when specifying extra options. • Configuration errors and circular dependencies are reported as warnings, rather than causing the entire watcher to crash. (thanks • Fix bug added in assertions in the tail position of an each fixture would return the result of the assertion instead of the testable object with the merged report data. (thanks • Dependency version bumps • kaocha.plugin.capture-output/bypass macro, for temporarily bypassing output capturing • Circular dependencies in watch mode no longer kills the process. (thanks • Ensure reloading errors are printed in watch mode when the first test suite is disabled. • Using a try-catch (without rethrowing) in an :each fixture could swallow thrown exceptions, resulting in a test being treated as passing when it should have been reported as an error. Fixed by changing how :each fixtures wrap the test function in execution. (thanks • Fix crash on Windows when using --watch with the default Beholder watcher. • Documentation fixes and improvements

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Please keep an eye out and report any regressions, the babashka compatibility involved a number of changes. We've tried to tread carefully, but regressions are possible.

Noah Bogart13:02:26

Glad to help! Kaocha is a fun codebase


We did find a regression in the notifier plugin, which has now been fixed. If you get an error with the notifier then please upgrade to v1.80.1274


Crossposting from the #datomic cave to announce the release of Datomic Cloud 990-9202!

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Cognitect Labs' is out > • ensure that we only read InputStream request bodies once @jetmind > • convey :document types in response payloads

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The general Fulcrologic statecharts library now has official integration support for Fulcro. This allows you to use state charts to drive the logic around groups of components and their I/O while being tightly integrated with the advanced graph and mutation support of Fulcro itself. This extension does not add Fulcro as a dependency of statecharts itself, so of course you can continue using the base statecharts in any CLJC application. I did remove guardrails protections from the latest release, after discovering that the spec checking it was doing was causing considerable performance problems in dev (but not in production).

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Babashka file system utility library for Clojure 📁 babashka clojure-spin Changes in the last month: v0.3.17 (2023-02-28) • add :root and :path-fn options to fs/zip v0.2.16 (2023-02-08) • change default in walk-file-tree from throwing to continue-ing, which works better for glob, match. You can still throw by providing your own visit-file-failed function. v0.2.15 • add helpers to generate common XDG paths (

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borkdude23:02:14 Native, fast starting Clojure interpreter for scripting babashka clojure-spin 1.2.174 (2023-03-01) • Use GraalVM 22.3.1 on JDK 19.0.2. This adds virtual thread support. See • Expose more jaxax.crypto classes • Add more java.time and related classes with the goal of supporting ( • Compatibility with test runner • Add set-agent-send-executor! and set-agent-send-off-executor! • Bump babashka.fs to 0.3.17 • Bump deps.clj to • Bump babashka.http-client to 0.1.5 • Bump babashka.cli to 0.6.46 Join #babashka for details.

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