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Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:02:17

About 15 years ago, I started a meetup called Lambda Lounge which was kind of a polyglot meetup where we explored a lot of languages. One fun meeting we did was a language shootout and I wrote this spec, which people implemented in a bunch of languages. If you're looking for a fun practice exercise, it's still pretty good! An old friend of mine just sent it to me as he's still using this spec to try new languages.

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Do you remember any of the more esoteric languages it was done in?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:02:04 was a meeting announcement that mentioned Clojure, Ruby, Fan (anyone remember Fan, later, Groovy, Haskell, Python, and Perl 5. There may have been a couple more that popped at the actual meeting.


sounds like a fun group. that’s a cool idea

Martynas M06:02:20

What should happen when there is no change for your supplied coins? For instance the machine is out of coins but the product is still there? Should it not sell the product if the change is returned? Or should it stop working if there aren't enough coins in return cache?


One thing that's often a requirement with these things is a maximum amount of coins to be inserted. I once helped a women with buying a ticket that cost about >30 CHF. I just walked by while the machine spat out more than 20 coins because it apparently has a coin limit of about 20 or so. It felt a bit like those one-armed bandits, just that the women was very disappointed of the results! We then sorted the coins roughly from high to low value in order to not exceed the maximum.

Andreas Geffen Lundahl10:02:38

I'm trying to remember a quote and it's been nagging me all morning. It alludes to software tending to rot over time. I'm not sure if "rot" is the right word here, but I think it goes something like "[something, something], it's almost like software tends to rot over time." I was most almost certain Dijkstra said it, but it looks like it was someone else. My google-fu isn't with me today. Anyone here who knows the quote?

Andreas Geffen Lundahl11:02:36

Interesting article, but no, that's not it. 🙂 If I remember correctly, I think it referred to code in software projects rotting (i.e. code rot), rather than the software industry itself.

Daniel Craig16:02:44

Here are some quotes you might like. Unfortunately the one you're looking for is not here


I think it might be Fred Brooks but I can't find it.


It seems to be attributed to David Parnas but I can't find the original source material where he said it...


If other resident die-hard org moders want to jump into the fray, my blog post is currently front-paging on HN :)

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How’s everyone’s experience with macOS Ventura? Positive? Everything working? Recommend upgrading?


no issues for me

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i had the same question. finally bit the bullet and didn’t notice anything related to dev

Daniel Craig17:02:58

I'm putting off upgrading because my headphones have a Microsoft Teams integration that has been broken in the past by MacOS upgrades


My new work laptop is on Ventura, no issues for me so far. I basically only use Emacs, Firefox, and Zoom though so ymmv

Asko Nōmm17:02:46

No issues here either.


I'm not a macos user but I develop a tool made with javafx and there were reports of javafx apps not working in ventura, like this one, which had been fixed on apps that moved to the latest openjfx versions


I know and love Strange Loop and the Conj. What other 2023 in-person conferences might a Clojure programmer enjoy?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:02:54 - Nov, NYC or online, not sure what they're doing this year • - May, Budapest • - Confoo - last week in Montreal :) • - Abstractions - ??? in Pittsburgh (doesn't run every year) • there's a few others I usually recommend that have recently shutdown :(

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:02:52

the pandemic was hard on us organizers

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Thanks! North America preferred but I’m open to anything. Too bad I missed Confoo, I love Montreal! I’m really hoping !!Con comes back in person this year, I went pre-Covid. But haven’t heard anything yet.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:02:37

there's a new one I just saw but I cannot remember the name of it