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Hey team, noob question:

; eval (current-form): (do "\n foo \n")
"\n foo \n"
Is there a way to get the eval window in conjure, to "pretty-print" strings? I sometimes generate really large strings, and would be awesome if the newlines could make it more pleasing for the eyes.


You could wrap your form in println or clojure.pprint/pprint


pprint is more for data structures. It won't do anything special for strings


Dohp, println did the trick! Thank you!

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Ted Ciafardini16:02:29

another noob question:

let g:conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#connection#auto_repl#enabled = v:false
how could this be rewritten for a lua nvim config?


vim.g["conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#connection#auto_repl#enabled"] = false should do the trick, I think?

Ted Ciafardini16:02:34

ah, the brackets

Ted Ciafardini16:02:37

will try thank you

Ted Ciafardini16:02:48

I’ve tried so many things O.o