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is there a reason --latest-sha isn’t the default for bbin install?


seem to currently just get a confusing error message when not adding that


@U5H74UNSF the default may be the latest tag? this is the behavior in neil at least


mk@mkair ~> bbin install io.github.nextjournal/garden-cli
 #:git{:url "",
       :tag nil,
       :sha nil},
 :lib io.github.nextjournal/garden-cli}
Error building classpath. Library io.github.nextjournal/garden-cli has coord with missing sha
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Message:  /Users/mk/.clojure/.cpcache/A0BC1193F01A5D600736578E599246E4.cp (No such file or directory)
Location: /opt/homebrew/bin/bbin:522:13

----- Context ------------------------------------------------------------------
518:                   {:coords {:bbin/url (str "file://" (get-in header [:coords :local/root]))}}
519:                   header)
520:         _ (pprint header' cli-opts)
521:         _ (when-not (#{::no-lib} lib)
522:             (deps/add-deps {:deps script-deps}))
                 ^--- /Users/mk/.clojure/.cpcache/A0BC1193F01A5D600736578E599246E4.cp (No such file or directory)
523:         script-root (fs/canonicalize (or (get-in header [:coords :local/root])
524:                                          (local-lib-path cli-opts script-deps))
525:                                      {:nofollow-links true})
526:         bb-file (fs/file script-root "bb.edn")
527:         bb-edn (when (fs/exists? bb-file)

----- Stack trace --------------------------------------------------------------
                       - <built-in>
       - <built-in>
                       - <built-in>
       - <built-in>
                          - <built-in>
... (run with --debug to see elided elements)
babashka.bbin.cli/bbin                          - /opt/homebrew/bin/bbin:760:1
babashka.bbin.cli                               - /opt/homebrew/bin/bbin:766:3
clojure.core/apply                              - <built-in>
babashka.bbin.cli                               - /opt/homebrew/bin/bbin:770:3
babashka.bbin.cli                               - /opt/homebrew/bin/bbin:768:1


ah ok, so it would work if it had a tag?


I think yes


maybe it should pick the latest-sha if there isn't a tag yet. cc @U0CLCL6T0


@U5H74UNSF I think that would be worthy of an issue

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At least there should be a good error message, regardless

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