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Initial release of fgen v0.1.0 as a git dependency: Generators for test.check to create functions as testing input for higher order functions.

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Ben Sless09:12:33

Initial release of keys v0.0.7 : Select and rename keys as fast as possible in idiomatic Clojure: (keys/select m ks) 2-3x faster than select-keys, with even faster options in store

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any caveats or are they drop-in replacements for every corner case?

Ben Sless11:12:39

@U11SJ6Q0K I think they are a drop in replacement but I haven't checked every corner case yet. I did try to not make any assumptions regarding usage. The only caveat I can think of now is that the * versions generate a lot of inlined code, so you could in extreme cases get a compiler exception for method size, especially if mixed with other code generation libraries

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I was thinking that could these be sometime included into core, in the fullness of time

Ben Sless13:12:49

I would hope so. Especially the solution using reduce for select-keys has relatively good performance vs. a small amount of changes.

borkdude12:12:08 Configurable Clojure/Script interpreter suitable for scripting and Clojure DSLs SCI is used in,,, and many projects. 0.6.37 (2022-12-20) • Performance improvement for method calls in CLJS, like (Math/sin) and (.substring "foo" 0 1), around 5 - 7x faster • Performance improvement when calling anonymous fn • Improve case performance • Property access in JS doesn't throw when intermediate value is nil Error metadata missing on some interop calls ( • fix #queue [1 2 3] literal • Implement lazy-seq as macro • Implement ns as macro • Don't resolve cljs.core/inc in JVM env • Add case as a macro and case* as special form, rather than having case as special form • Implement and and or as macros • Implement fn, defn and defmacro as macros, while keeping fn* as special form • Implement loop as macro, while supporting loop* as special form • Implement let as macro, while supporting let* as special form • Fix js type hint on await ( • Convert libsci scripts to bb tasks, include in CI multi-os ( • Bump edamame (Clojure parser) • Fix benchmarking code • Fix for SCI_ELIDE_VARS

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