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ambrosebs02:09:19 1.0.0 New Features • Previously, Intervals were only allowed to the left of Instants in {before,after}?. Now they can be freely intermixed. Fixed • #78(liquidz): Add missing chrono fields (v0.3.3 has breaking changes) • #81(terop): Remove clj-tuple - no advantages over Clojure vector anymore • #52: Fix before/after on Intervals • #83(imrekoszo): Exclude clojure.core/abs Enhancements • add docstrings to all java-time fns • support clj-kondo in java-time ns by adding :arglists to all vars

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Would you consider introducing a multi segment namespace and deprecating the single namespace one?

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The single one makes it harder to use this library with GraalVM native image. See specifically this:


No more abs warnings is a beautiful thing.

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@U04V15CAJ yes, especially since the single segment ns is auto-generated anyway. java-time.api seems like a good name. Opened

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@U0LK1552A quite a journey, but we've arrived xD

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@U055XFK8V Usually it's best to choose a unique prefix so your lib won't conflict with other libraries in that area. java-time is a bit generic, but it does solve the graalvm problem. Thanks


yes, unfortunately all the implementation is under java-time.* and that cannot be moved (due to public protocols). I probably have to operate on the assumption that this package prefix is unique.

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I'm happy to announce a first release of #cljfx dev tools — is a declarative, functional and extensible wrapper of JavaFX inspired by better parts of react and re-frame. Cljfx dev tools are a set of tools that help with developing cljfx applications but should not be included into the production distribution of the cljfx app. Many thanks to for funding this work!

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Do you have any idea if your great library (cjfx) could somehow be applied to ?