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@slipset when you find a moment, can you grant me clojars admin access to projects clj-commons/clj-yaml and org.clj-commons/clj-http-lite?


Yep. But, this is actually one of the beauties of the deploy system in place, you don't need that, since when you deploy via circle, you're deploying as me. And to be enterprisy, this is actually a nice thing. If a clj-commons maintainer drops off, we only need to remember to revoke their commit access in gh, not also in clojars.


I do see the benefit, but the cost to me, as a guy who is doing all this work pretty much for free, is way too high.


I've made a deploy token for clj-yaml and passed via private message.


Recap of dm chat the three of us had: We've worked it out. We seem good now.