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Drew Verlee20:09:26

In emacs, how would i clear cider's enlighten-mode value? It just sticks around even after i remove the expression (see picture)

Drew Verlee20:09:19

I can delete the output. i guess, but i recall that not working all the time. And in cases where the output is littered through an expression that makes it not worth using the mode.


I think it currently clears only when you disable the mode.


If there's some clear overlays Emacs command that will do as well.

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Drew Verlee05:09:51

so i had cider-overlays-use-font-lock set to t and it was causing the overlays to stick around even after i turned off the mode and re-evaled things. That along wasn't an issue, but sometimes the overlays would, and i'm not sure how to describe this, block the cursor from traveling around. it was odd. 😕

Drew Verlee21:09:27

Well it seems like the overlays can get stuck regardless. they just hang out and nothing removes them short of restarting emacs that i know of.