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Bob B15:09:21

Maybe I'm just overlooking something/not awake yet, but am I right in thinking that babashka.curl/*defaults* is not exposed in bb (in the built-in, that is)? Was looking to turn off compression by default on Windows (ya know, because Windows)


You're right, this is not exposed, but you could also install a newer curl which does support compression

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I've asked the Windows maintainers a few times to update their outdated curl and support compression which is pretty much available everywhere


Of course we could expose it, it's just that it hasn't come up before


@U013JFLRFS8 Feel free to submit a PR. We could also have a function curl/disable-compression! which alters the global var

Bob B16:09:40

I should probably just take away the age-old lesson: "don't rely on Windows command line tools"


well, bb.curl was built with the assumption that curl is everywhere (on people's computers)


@U013JFLRFS8 I've considered disabling compression on Windows by default, but I've never heard any complains so I just assumed that people would upgrade their system's curl


I'm open to suggestions

Bob B18:09:18

I did upgrade my curl - I think I was just a bit tunnel-visioned because I was addressing a windows issue in bbin

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I've also considered try/catching the request in case compression isn't supported where it retries the request without compression... and perhaps the detection of the curl that doesn't support compression could be cached


I’m a heavy (and grateful) user of bb for scripting. I typically put my bb source code directly under ./script and set my bb.edn :paths to ["script"]. This leads to bb code with single segment namespaces. What do you think? Is that in any way a bad thing for bb scripts? Or totally fine?


My convention lately is to do the same but put the code in $project/bb - totally random


so :paths ["bb"]


single segment is fine for scripting.


Coolio, thanks!


I kind of like using ./script for the element of surprise. simple_smile Many folks think they’ll find bash files, they look inside and see .clj files. And 🤯.

Bob B15:09:04

as someone who is still daily driving windows, this is a welcome surprise for me 🙂


Excellent, I’ll keep it up then!


But I’m also a weirdo.


yeah, fine with me :man-shrugging: 😆