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sachin gurjar08:02:33

Hi, I am sachin gurjar who is passionate about coding. looking for internship or full time junior role in frontend or full stack. I highly recommend you to see my portfolio/website at

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Just released a new version of #nbb (0.1.6). It is a scripting tool for Node.js akin to #babashka. This release has a massive performance improvement (4-6x) for loops. Also the bundled promesa library by @niwinz was updated which has -> and ->> macros for promises. And now nbb is compatible with Graal.js too. Last announcement here was with version 0.1.0. Check out all changes since then: Try it out locally using npx nbb

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Lukas Domagala11:02:04

Nice! Is there a link to the performance speed-up change? I’m interested to see how you got so much more out of it.


Check the latest commit in SCI which is the interpreter backing this.


The gist is: now it's using mutable arrays instead of an immutable map for local bindings.

Lukas Domagala11:02:36

Thanks. I was checking SCI’s changelog but that commit isn’t in the changelog yet 😅


correct and it won't cover any details


The gist is just what I said, details are in the commit :)

Lukas Domagala11:02:38

Yeah, I’m looking at the commit right now. My comment was just an explanation for why I didn’t find the change myself. Thanks for pointing me to the right place clojure-spin

Mark Wardle22:02:54

New release of hermes - v0.8.353 - SNOMED CT terminology library and HTTP service, with optional FHIR terminology server if required. It is one component of a suite of composable data services for health and care, that I join together in real-life clinical applications using a graph API via @wilkerlucio’s excellent pathom library. Deployed and running within the NHS here in the UK, as well as other deployments supporting academic research.

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