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The latest change is extra important, because it fixes problems with Calva formatting that has stopped it from working in some files with idiomatic Clojure code. (Due to a dependency on legacy rewrite-cljs).


I specifically remember this hitting @U21QNFC5C. Maybe it's time to try out Calva again? 😀


@U0ETXRFEW Haha, Calva was great, but unfortunately I was too fond of intellij text editing and multiple cursors.

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magnars20:02:30, a ring middleware for frontend performance optimisation, is out of its 0.x infancy after 9 years. It will concatenate, minify, cache-bust and otherwise optimise your frontend assets. The newest release [optimus "2022-02-13"] has: • Pluggable JS engine via JSR223. Execute JS optimisations w/ GraalJS, Nashorn or Rhino. • This means that the dependency on clj-v8 and its V8 binaries are gone. This allows us to: • Add support for Windows and M1 macs.

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Despite Rich publicly castigating semantic versioning, I still like it and have continued to use it. The primary alternative that I’m aware of has been github hashcodes, which I don’t like due to their opacity. But using the release date? I love it! ❤️

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I'm doing the same for clj-kondo :) @U07FCNURX I remember having used your ring middleware in one of my first Clojure projects almost a decade or so ago and remember that a colleague who was using Windows could not run this. Nice to see it finally got addressed :).


Windows support was a long time coming, since Nashorn was roughly 10x slower than V8, which reduced the utility of Optimus too much. Thankfully JSR223 with GraalJS works great on all sorts of machines. 🙂

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:02:16

a significant downside of using dashed date versions is that Maven doesn't understand that. clj-kondo's dotted dates are much better for that.

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Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep that in mind going forward! 👍


One thing I will maybe change about clj-kondo's format is strip the leading zeroes, e.g. 2022.02.08 will become 2022.2.8

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:02:06

that might break sorting in some scenarios

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:02:53

certainly breaks lexicographic sorting. Maven version comparators convert those to numbers so that should be ok, but tooling around maven things is not always so good


Well maybe for the next project that will adopt that kind of versioning. I already had to do this processing for clj-kondo's LSP package (which uses the same version as clj-kondo) on npm since they don't even accept these leading zeroes.


Just started a text-formatting library Designed for the repl. Please see some of the examples in README to learn more. Initial alpha version 0.0.1 just uploaded to clojars. I'm a hobby clojurist. Still learning clojure. So will appreciate help in improving the code, fixing bugs or adding features. Thank you!

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Santanu Chakrabarti17:02:47

I checked your library. Very impressive.


thanks for checking it out!