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Good Morning!


had a few people link that dan olson vid, i think most people that don't work in crypto would probably be surprised by how many folk in crypto have watched that video and gone... 'yeah, pretty much, fair cop' but i suppose the only weak defence i will put up is that generally the video is going after specifically eth/bitcoin... which are the biggest but no means the whole ballgame. also generally that the essay assumes everybody in the space is some lunatic eth maxi who thinks we should put medical records on the blockchain ...which in my experience is mainly only wild people in comment threads who are not actually engineers. v few sane people suggest anything sensitive going on chain... for obvious reasons


although granted, i did literally the other day have to point out to somebody that an idea they were suggesting was effectively the same thing as the chinese govt's panopticon social credit score thing


ok so maybe it is all terrible


whatchagonnado 🤷