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[metosin/malli "0.7.0"] is out! Malli is a data-driven data specification library for Clojure/Script. This release contains the following: • 1-2 orders of magnitude faster Schema creation and transformation • 2 orders of magnitude faster Schema inferring via the new mp/provider • Cached Schema workers (validators, explainers, parsers, generators) for better DX • Alternative cljfx style map-syntax for Schemas via the new SchemaAST protocol • Default Schema registry can be swapped without tears (e.g. JVM-properties or CLJS Compiler options) • Schema provider can infer :maybe and :map-of schemas • Lot’s of bug fixes and small improvements • Some breaking changes in the Extender API, read CHANGELOG for details Thanks for clojurists-together for sponsoring the development of Malli and kudos to all contributors and testers, especially to @ben.sless for some mad perf stuff and reviews. • code: • release post:

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[metosin/jsonista "0.3.5"] is out! Jsonista is a Clojure library for fast JSON encoding and decoding. This release updates the Jackson deps and adds support for ContextualDeserializer, making JSON decoding ~30% faster on the Special thanks to Tatu Saloranta (the creator of Jackson) for the help on this 🙇

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Janne Sauvala21:12:05

TIL that Jackson was created by a Finn 😮