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Yehonathan Sharvit11:12:28

New lib: defntly defntly - A library that makes the creation of defn like macros a commodity

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Ben Sless17:12:01

I think there's a typo in in the readme at

catch Throwable ~e
Otherwise, cool library 🙂

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:12:12

Clojure is now available. This is a release candidate and we would appreciate it if you could try it in your own projects. If you encounter issues, is the best place to file a report (or feel free to discuss here in #clojure if not sure). Below is a changelog for 1.10.2 (items new to this release since 1.10.2-alpha4 are marked with a *): 1 Fixes 1.1 Interop / JVM • Ensure monitor object is on stack, for verifiers • More fixes for invocation of static interface methods with primitive args - thanks Nicola Mometto! • Remove uses of deprecated Class.newInstance() • Fix javadoc urls for JDK 11+ - thanks Andy Fingerhut! • Add Throwable return type hint to ex-cause - thanks Michiel Borkent! • Avoid reflection in - thanks Michiel Borkent! • Fix reflection warnings in clojure.stacktrace/print-stack-trace - thanks Michiel Borkent! 1.2 Core • Fix case expression branch analysis that resulted in compilation error - thanks Ghadi Shayban! • Improve error message for case •* nth with not-found on regex matcher returns not-found on last group index • vector-of does not implement equals or hashing methods • vector-of does not implement IObj for metadata - thanks Andy Fingerhut! • quoted metadata on empty literal colls is lost - thanks Nicola Mometto! •* ExceptionInInitializerError if jars executed with java -jar - thanks Piotrek Żygieło! 1.3 Printing • Fix errors in printing some maps with namespace syntax •* pprint doesn't print collection metadata when *print-meta* is true 1.4 Docstrings • Eliminate duplicate doc string printing for special forms - thanks Andy Fingerhut! •* prepl docstring is incorrect •* conj has out-of-date :arglists - thanks Michał Marczyk! 2 Performance •* Use transient map in zipmap - thanks Michał Marczyk!

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