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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the 0.1.3 release of, a DataLoader for Clojure/script. I've done a lot of thinking with help from several people and rewritten quite a lot of code to make it much more robust, especially when handling the patterns used by a graphql server. As a result the example project showing integration with lacinia has changed to use the new feature: elastic triggers. This release adds support for: • Elastic triggers as a more reliable method for 1+n queries

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@U076R6N1L Thanks, good to see generic solutions for this important problem! One piece of feedback: it would have been nice for the configuration keywords to be namespaced, e.g :superlifter.triggers/queue-size etc.


hi @U4LJRA116 thank you for the feedback, could you help me understand what the benefit would be? these keys are kept within the superlifter context and so do not need to live alongside other keywords that they might clash with


@U076R6N1L code clarity, and in particular configuration traceability. This would be useful as early as the project's README, where it would be apparent immediately which keywords are interpreted by this lib, and which are specific to the business domain. What's more, in real-world scenarii, don't underestimate how far upstream of calling the superlifter these configuration keys might end up, e.g as part of Integrant configuration files.


CUDA 11.1 is now supported in Clojure. ClojureCUDA 0.12.0 has just been released.

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