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Eugene Tyurin21:12:44

Workflow question - how do you guys manage your "scratch file" in conjure? Do you always change (ns on the first line before evaluating code? Or is there a more elegant way?


I have a separate tree of files that all have appropriate namespaces, and I add that tree of files when I launch the repl


so for namespace, I have with my scratch code and rich comments


and in the fiddle namespace, I either refer all from the other namespace or just qualify all my calls into it


Same idea here. I have a separate "dev" folder on the same level as "src" that usually has a scratch.clj (ns scratch) and/or a user.clj (ns user) The "dev" folder is not part of the classpath by default, I add it when needed by using a "dev" alias defined in the project's deps.edn


You can also use :helpgrep b:conjure#context to set a buffer's namespace (context) to a specific string without putting it in the buffer itself.

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Eugene Tyurin15:12:25

Thanks @U38J3881W - that does the job!