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[metosin/jsonista "0.2.7"] is out! Jsonista is a fast JSON decoder & encoder on top of Jackson Databind. This version adds: • new prebuilt keyword-keys-object-mapper for easy support of Keywords keys • updateds to latest Jackson versions • ships with new JMH-based perf tests claiming it’s faster than vanilla Jackson on encoding 🤪

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if someone can share what’s wrong with the perf test setup, I’m all ears.


seancorfield/depstar {:mvn/version "1.1.104"} is available -- for building JAR/uberjar files using the Clojure CLI/`deps.edn` Enhancements: * Fix #37 by adding -X / --exclude to provide one or more regex used to exclude files from the JAR. * Fix #35 by providing hf.depstar.jar/run and hf.depstar.uberjar/run as entry points that can be used by the (new) Clojure CLI -X option (to execute a specific function and pass a map of arguments). * Fix #34 by adding -P / --classpath option to specify a classpath to use (based on PR #36 @borkdude). * Fix #33 by allowing destination JAR filename to appear anywhere on the command-line as well as adding a -J / --jar option for it. Documentation: * Address #31 by clarifying in the README that (:gen-class) is required for AOT. Follow-up in #tools-deps

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The Clojure CLI -X option is available in prerelease builds of clojure (not the stable build) and is subject to change -- and the run functions here may also change to track that feature, if necessary.

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A fork of this library is going to appear in babashka 0.2.0. Thanks for the lib!


@borkdude Is there anything I can do to the core code that will make it easier to integrate into Babashka?


@U04V70XH6 I basically just needed to get rid of references to AOT-compilation since that doesn't work with GraalVM


if you include a reference to clojure.core/compile then it won't ... compile :)


Not entirely true. Now I remember. It did compile. It only bloated the binary with another 30MB. Stripping away that code solved the problem.

Vincent Cantin04:08:42

@U04V70XH6 That’s a very useful release. Thank you !


@U8MJBRSR5 hence the 1.1 release instead of 1.0 🙂