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hey everyone! I've got access to GitHub actions feature and decided to created few actions useful for Clojure projects: - boot wrapper - lein wrapper - Clojure eval inside GitHub issue comments

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I just released a new version of Kaocha, the all-in-one Clojure test runner. This is the most substantial release in a while, with improvements to the --watch mode, and several new plugins (hooks, system notifications, clojure/java version filter, dynamic bindings). Full CHANGELOG: . Many thanks to @rgm, @danielcompton, and @magnars

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There is a new video course I’m working on! It opens tomorrow!

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Looks great!

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It's cool that you're doing this, but something to note - your example code is not idiomatic. You don't have app-db initialized, where you would set the counter to 0 instead of using get-in, update-in, and fnil. I understand you may have done this just to shorten the code, but it is misleading.


It would also be helpful to indicate that in a real re-frame app that code is not all in the same ns.


Thanks for your comments. I see you point. The JS part is also not idiomatic because it would be split to different files. But this still doesn’t change the fact that Clojure is very expressive and there is no other language that gives so much Bang! for a line of code. Take a look at this comparison


PS. I hope you will sign up for the course and see that :> doesn’t behave the same as r/adapt-react-class in certain situations as per our discussion the other day 🙂