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If anyone saw the questions about the repl window posted here just a minute ago, please report to me and I can zap your memory. You didn't see that, just yet. 😃

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I'm migrating from midje to clojure.test and I'm experiencing a problem on running my tests on vscode when I Run all tests it only loads the tests in namespaces that I loaded. Is there a way to load all files in order to be able to run all tests? What worked so far was running refresh-all (from and then Run all tests


Is there an easier/smarter way?


on a similar note (but I guess you already know that): Run all tests can't find tests in files that don't match .*test but Run tests from current namespace works


I think refresh-all is the best you can do for now. But please report it so that we have a handle to it when we fix it so that Calva does it for you when you run all tests.

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@claynon yeah that only testing ns's ending in -test has been addressed in git I think, silly bug introduced by me 🙂


I think it's possible that cider invokes the nREPL refresh-all op before tests, I will examine it's behaviour and do whatever it does to ensure the tests are loaded first 🙂


cider has recently changed a lot of how it's test runner works, so I need to look at what's changed


Couldn't this test runner be part of nrepl (or one of the many orchard projects)? Because running tests is a pretty standard feature in an editor and the output of it seems to be standardized and extensible


I think @claynon was using the fixed version, @mseddon . At least that's how i interpret the report.


I'm using this last vsix you posted


(I believe)


We are using nrepl for running the tests, btw. Not sure if that was the suggestion, but anyway 😀


The buggy version didn't run tests at all.


Btw, I have forgotten to tell about it here, maybe... The latest Calva on the marketplace is now using the new repl client.

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does the marketplace one have all the changes that this latest vsix you posted have?


Yes, they are identical.


So please start using that and soon there will be coming new vsix’s here with more exciting stuff than “should work exactly as the published one”. 😃


It actually works better, but anyway.