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For the next 24 hours all Lambda Island videos can be watched for free. Enjoy!

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Hey, grats and thanks for the gesture 🙂 I’m just getting into Clojure and happen to have a 6 hour train ride on Friday. Never used Vimeo before, is there any functionality to buffer/download videos for those disconnected moments?


Hmm. I realize now there’s a business model here, and so the question is most likely not relevant. I’m too old for these things. No offense meant 😅


Congratulations and thank you! I managed to watch a few awesome vids. Your teaching is very effective.


@UCW3QKWKT download links are so far only available when you buy individual videos.


Just published Chlorine v0.0.9 - socket REPL package for Atom editor. In this new version, a new way of parsing Java objects and classes using reflection: this should help users that have to do lots of interop with Java, and also fixes some problems when parsing bignumbers and bigdecimals; also, this works on Clojure 1.8.0, before the introduction of datafy, so if you're using an old Clojure version, this could be useful! One example of the visualization of Java objects is in this PR:

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Discussions on #chlorine channel 🙂


io.aviso/pretty 0.1.37 > Sometimes, neatness counts io.aviso/pretty is a library and Leiningen plugin that adds well formatted, readable output of Clojure exceptions. It's pretty indispensable to the tune of 1.9 million downloads, and is integrated into the Ultra plugin as well as Boot. This release is a cleanup, removing the totally unnecessary io.aviso.writer namespace, and switching the Leiningen plugin from relying on implicit middleware to explicit middleware.

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I have added [io.aviso/pretty "0.1.37"] to the vectors of :plugins and :dependencies of the lein project.clj, just as shown in, but when I lein repl, the stack-trace doesn't be redirected. How can I make it? Thanks.


I'll go give a kick to make sure latest is latest!


thanks, it works by adding /inject to :middleware