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popping in just to thanks for the awesome work. The notifier plugin is that "little" thing that makes everything better đŸ˜‰


It really is, it's the kind of thing I didn't realize I was missing but I really was I was looking at the contributor graph earlier and it's a shame that @rgm doesn't show up, because I copied the code from his gist. I'll find a way to rectify that.

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Does kaocha run tests in parallel by default?


Okay, I suppose not.


I wonder if --seed could be given to test.check as well


Hi @miikka, parallelism isn't there and probably won't be there for a while, it requires some big changes which I'm still a bit undecided on how best to do them


Yeah. I was looking for a way to disable parallelism in case it was there đŸ™‚


What prevents someone from writing (is (= actual expected))? Not sure if I understand… And btw, happy birthday @plexus đŸ™‚

Christian Johansen20:01:17

@borkdude it doesn't, but it makes error messages sensible for those of us who prefer actual expected


ah, that makes sense

Christian Johansen20:01:29

@plexus it's your birthday? congrats!

Christian Johansen20:01:52

btw I tried this today:

Christian Johansen20:01:56

{ ["**/#*" "**/.#*"]}

Christian Johansen20:01:06

to ignore tempfiles created by Emacs when editing

Christian Johansen20:01:44

it matches fine in the REPL with glob?, but kaocha still triggers everytime I edit files