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Closh, unix shell based on Clojure, gets a new release. It adds JVM support and rebel-readline integration which brings syntax highlighting and better tab completion.

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To use as a shell would I add closh to my .zshrc?


I've added a special header to the jar, so it can be used as an executable now. You can then use chsh to use it as a default shell. Be careful to try closh first to make sure it works on your machine so that you don't get locked out from the shell. To make it as default you would do following (afterwards log out and log back for changes to take effect):

chmod +x /path/to/closh-zero.jar
echo /path/to/closh-zero.jar | sudo tee -a /etc/shells
chsh -s /path/to/closh-zero.jar

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Good point on testing it. Thanks!

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@U70QD18NP closh-zero.jar is great! thanks!

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worldsingles/ws-commons "0.1.1" useful little "extensions" to Clojure -- this contains our condp->, condp->>, and condq macros (variants of cond->, cond->>, and condp) and flip etc, which I have been hoping to open source for ages -- any and all follow-up should go to #clojure or DM.

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