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Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:12:08

Per, “We’ve added language to the EULA to allow Datomic customers to use REBL at work, and have set up a Patreon membership so non-customers can do the same!”

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Probably a minor clarification - if I have Datomic cloud set up but all instances off, is there a threshold of when I go from being a paying Datomic cloud customer to not?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:12:39

a totally non-official answer: if you are paying money for Datomic in a given month, you are a customer, and if not, you should use Patreon

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$3 a month. what a deal


unless you have datomic in which case you are good to go


Reminder that discussion should go either in a thread, or in another channel. Thanks!

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com.walmartlabs/schematic 1.2.0 Schematic is a Clojure library which aids in assembling Component systems from configuration data. * Expects components to implement the Component/Lifecycle protocol * Prefers pure data for declaring dependencies * Provides a simple mechanism for assembling/starting just a subset of Components * Avoids the pattern of passing a large bag of config data through down through levels of Component creation functions New in release 1.2.0: - Utilities to transform the configuration before assembling the system map - Improvements to errors related to unknown component references - Allows for Java objects as components

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