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Does anyone know if there are well-supported JDK builds for ARM processors? The question is motivated by Amazon announceing ARM-core based instances, which I have heard are 1/10 the cost of similar recent Intel-core based instances, and have about 1/2 the performance per CPU core.


Hmmm. Looks like at least Oracle JDK 8 is available for ARM32 and ARM64:


It would make sense if Amazon's Corretto JDK would support ARM as well.


Would be very curious to see any performance benchmarks of JDK running on Amazon ARM cores, to see whether its JIT compiler is anywhere near as tuned as JDK JITs have been optimized over the years for Intel/AMD cores.


i tried out ubuntu on those arm processors in amazon


the supplied jdk that came from apt worked fine


and ran lein repl beautifully as well


i have done some math on their general capability (simple multithreaded benchmark of stuff that applications really do, a little bit of looping , list sorting, map creation and copying)


and correlated the outcome with price


the arm machines were about 10-15% better bang for the buck than c5 instances with the same code.


if you want to have a stable small machine then the smallest arm machine with it's 2gb of ram was pretty decent


for the same pricepoint t3 machines are faster then arm machines whilst the t3 is bursting but after the burst ends the arm machines are faster


if amazon starts to provide the arm machines as burst instances too i will be even more interested in them.

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What’s the best video or article to convince someone without any Lisp background that Clojure is awesome?

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sorry if this is an faq


Probably the most-often recommended video is Rich Hickey’s “Simple Made Easy” talk — it doesn’t mention Clojure much, but the ideas he talks about there are all fundamental to Clojure.

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☝️ that one was actually the one I found personally most inspiring.


Another good route to go in my opinion is to point them to some of Paul Graham's essays on Lisp. a good one to start with is

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Is there a presentation similar to but better and newer than Hickey’s “Clojure for Java programmers” talk from 2008?


More wasm on the cloud-edge, like cloudflare, but this time from fastly, and allowing rust, c or AssemblyScript, all via a web console:


Think aws js lamda, but in webworker isolates, with wasm access


Running directly on the CDN


So your user latency is going to be about as low as physically possible. And without managed memory, you could get some super low round trip latency for work loads


Cloudflare's also has a key value store attached and "Values are written into Workers KV via the standard Cloudflare API and they are available within seconds at every one of Cloudflare’s 150+ global PoPs."


I think I read somewhere that it was guaranteed 8 second synchronization across the whole CDN


Something like datomic ions over that would be hawt