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Vodori released [com.vodori/reactors "0.1.0"]. It’s our take on a reactive store (events/reducers/subscribers) atop clojure agents with event producers and subscribers expressed as core.async channels. We use it with database change streams as our producers and websockets as our subscribers to provide live collaboration between users annotating files.


cljdoc cljdoc, the website for Clojure and ClojureScript library documentation is now working great on mobile! πŸ“± - πŸŽ₯ There's a video demo here: - 🐦 And a tweet to share if you want to help spread the word: - πŸ“„ Also, if you're a library author, give cljdoc a try: And join us in #cljdoc πŸ‘‹

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Vincent Cantin15:11:01

Maybe unrelated: I tried to browse this page and found out that I cannot scroll down the page. Do other people encounter the same issue?

Vincent Cantin15:11:22

Firefox, MacOSX


damn, can reproduce



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Vincent Cantin15:11:21

I confirm that it works now.


Great brushes sweat of forehead