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Dustin Getz01:11:58

@alexandrkozyrev [[:db.fn/cas [:global/pointer 22] :global/counter (:global/counter val) (inc (:global/counter val))]] – in the entity position (that first argument) needs to be something that resolves to a valid datomic entity - for this "lookup ref" syntax to work, the datomic attribute schema needs to be set to :db.unique :identity

Dustin Getz01:11:21

Make a new attribute and set unique to identity, then you can use the [attr val] pair instead of the db/id

Dustin Getz01:11:39

Or just write [[:db.fn/cas 17592186045780 :global/counter (:global/counter val) (inc (:global/counter val))]]

Dustin Getz01:11:19

:hypercrud.browser/data is technical debt, prefer to use val until we provide further guidance


feature request: can you please make “auto-transact” mode visible in top-nav, now it’s only displayed in “stage” pop-down window


@dustingetz I get “user tx failed validation” alert on the!counter/, both my variants (db/id and :db.unique :identity) show me about 1s latency, do you have the same mileage?

Dustin Getz12:11:50

@alexandrkozyrev Can you capture a screenshot of the timings in the developer tools?

Dustin Getz13:11:40

@alexandrkozyrev If you hover the stage you can see auto-transact status, is that sufficient for your need?


@dustingetz feature request: fiddle cloning/mocking. intent: speed-up fiddle evolution. details: quite often I can understand what variant of “the same fiddle” is best only when I play with both of them (for instance, the only difference between “two variants of the same fiddle” is :on-click function). at the moment I use #_ a lot or copypaste scr to another fiddle (if all/both options doesn’t fit in one screen/page). I’d like to have a clone button or another way to mock a fiddle - quite close to

Dustin Getz21:11:49

Fiddle forking is coming back asap!