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meetings and fixes. mostly.


Dutch Clojure Day 2019 Will be on April 6th 2019 🙂 And we are looking for sponsors. If you know anyone/company who would be interested in supporting in non-profit, free, by community, for community Clojure conference - send them on our way

🎉 16

WOOOHOOO!!! congrats @vijaykiran!


Back from Devoxx Belgium. Been there 5 days, already trying to give GraalVM a spin with Clojure, and probably making a pwa with Clojurescript.


were there any clojure specific presentations?


No, last year there was one, a lot of Kotlin, some JavaScript(Venkat for 3 hours, and multiple other frameworks or related things), and a tiny bit of Rust(only hands-on), and some mentions of R and Clojure (in the three hour GraalVM one). It also seems must of Kotlin's features are coming to Java eventually. Multiple people were advocating for Java users to use a functional language, to become more familiar with that paradigm.


@gklijs I'm interested in making a PWA in clojurescript, share your findings when you know more 😉