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David Reno16:11:43

When a repl is started on a remote host and connected to, how does authentication work? I’m starting the remote repl this way:

[email protected]:~/helloworld $ lein repl :start :host :port 4000
When I disconnect and reconnect, I never need to enter username pi or the password. Maybe credentials are cached from previous connections? Spacemacs reports:
[nREPL] Direct connection to established


@UBMFBEWKY I didnt think nrepl was a secure connection (I am no expert). My own understanding was you used a secure connection to tunnel the nrepl connection. Seems people use tramp or an ssl connection and then connect to the repl. I assume tramp connections are cached or tokens stored in a dotfile on your computer. It would be interesting to know if this is correct. I assume people in the #cider channel may know more