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Vincent Cantin05:12:58

Day 26 answers thread - Post your answers here

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Vincent Cantin05:12:20

nahhh … just kidding 🙂


I just got up 😅



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My full GH repo, with notes on things I learned, and links to a few other repos:

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started solving 2015, seems not only me 😏

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Vincent Cantin12:12:40

I would love to join, but I am busy preparing the advent-of-instaparse


what leaderboard is this?


there is a larger one from the channel's topic: 217019-4a55b8eb

Andrew Byala17:12:30

Since we're all sharing, this is a link to my Advent 2020 GitHub repo. I've only been doing Clojure for about 4 months, so I made a daily blog post that explains how the code works, as intended for beginners. I did a bunch of cleanups to make the final code pretty and theoretically reusable if I had to see it again, with a few obvious exceptions. Maybe this will help some other Clojure newbies!

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here's my AoC repo. I did 16-25 in their respective days, then I did 1-15 in a binge yesterday (having watched Lambda Island's videos), then I slept for 15 hours straight :). I thing code is relatively clean despite the circumstances

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immediately before I'd said "[...] I'm missing all up to 15. I'll do them at a more leisurely pace" 😛... but then I'd read somewhere in the AoC website that I needed to do them all by Dec 25


Why is the AoC home page listing the problems out of order? After 8 17, then I skipped over 17 to do 9, and now 16 18 15 19 10…any idea?


maybe because numbers roughly correspond to latitudes in the map, and you do some north/south turns as the story progresses? (I haven't checked)


The problems unlocked in the order of the days. The lines are different from previous years because this time it represents your travel path 🙂.


Hmmm... interesting, but what determines the travel path? Is it just the pretty graphics and if so what is the relationship to challenge nos vs location in the graphs? Sorry for being so thick ;)


So for example what would cause the “travel path” to go from day 9 to day 17? Or are we talking about time travel?


You don't. You go from day 9 to day 10 (jumping past 16, 18, 15 and 19), from 10 to 11, etc. Each day represents a point on your trip, some of which are in the middle of an ocean, where you are faced with a challenge. Day 12 goes up to 13 and then to 14, etc.


both 9 and 17 happen while you are flying. I guess at the story time of the 9th puzzle you just happened to be a bit south from where you were at the time when the 17th puzzle is set


because of some storm you have to take a very indirect flight path to your vacation island; that's responsible for most of the out-of-order numbers