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It is not currently possible. But with some work it should be. As long as cljstyle can run in a ClojureScript environment. It is probably quite a lot of work, though, so not sure when we would find the time. I’d be happy to help you if you want to PR it, of course.

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Hi there! Just giving Calva a try. Super-noob status. I got a panel/file/terminal called "output.calva-repl". And a terminal in the lower half. After CTRL+ALT+c and +j and choosing my prj profile a nREPL is announced in the terminal. Now...... eeeerhh.... what? (+ 1 1) yields no response, neither terminal nor "output.calva-repl" says anything. Do far VSC/Calva is just an editor to me, not an IDE where I can actively dev my project.


Hello, @bastilla, welcome to Calva. Have you found this?


Anyway, the terminal you refer to is probably the Jack-in terminal. It has started the REPL headless so the terminal is not where you will be evaluating forms. You will do that mostly from your regular Clojure files, and sometimes from that panel/file which we call the output/REPL window. It is backed by a regular file, so you can evaluate forms there the same way as you do in the regular files. To evaluate (+ 1 1) you hold down the alt (a k a option) key while pressing enter. We write refer to these shortcuts the vscode style so it is referred to as alt+enter.


awesome, all messages are deleted


(Sorry! I had to start slack on a another pc. On Manjaro it decided to kill all messages. Now I read your response pez, Thanks!)


doesn't seem to work, though. ALT activates/deactivates electron's main menu. Well, anyway, nevermind. You cannot every beginner that stumbles out of the bushes. I'll try to work my way through this jungle at a later point. Thanks for taking some time, pez!!


You will need to reconfigure the shortcut either for activating the main menu, or for Calva’s Evaluate Top Level Form.


We try to help everyone here, btw 😃 Both experts and beginners arrive with all sorts of assumptions , often clashing with our assumptions. The only way we can really compensate is to try help each other.


And I really appreciate that! Plus I am hesitant to ask for bloody basic stuff knowing I steal time from pros. Your remark helps in this regard! Thanks! I'll work my way through this. But now my government (aka girlfriend called me for dinner). Have some great last days in 2020.


You as well! And please don’t hesitate to ask those beginner questions. It is how we learn about the quirks of Calva.


@bastilla Welcome! I use Manjaro as well and have not had to modify the default alt+enter keybinding. Though I do see it underline the app menu items when I press alt (the key combo still works to evaluate). If you keep having trouble, using something like Peek (on linux) to record a gif of what you're doing/seeing and posting here or in a github issue can be helpful. Happy Holidays!


@brandon.ringe Merci. The Slack/Manjaro issue was separate from my Calva setup problem. The Manjaro ppl didn't put the slack app into their repos. So I used a JAK-based app called "Slack Web" that is just connecting to the slack site (framed in an app, apparently). But that thing killed all messages across all channels I subscribed to. So re-connected via native-slack on a different PC (Trisquel which is a free Ubuntu) and finally got to read all your friendly answers. So I solved that issue by massively yelling at my screen, 😉 . The Calva problem was addressed by @pez: By wildly clicking through various VSC settings I managed to show the global settings.json file ( ~/.config/Code\ -\ OSS/User/settings.json ) instead of GUI and added:

"window.titleBarStyle": "custom",
	"window.customMenuBarAltFocus": false,
	"window.enableMenuBarMnemonics": false
That freed my ALT key. Still, (+ 1 1) remained just text (un-REPLed) in "output.calva-repl" after ALT+enter-ing it. But this project is a CLJS one. So I figured, I need to run the localhost web server. nREPL alone is surely not enough for the whole project. Well, I assumed (+ 1 1) gets evaluated, but nope. So I startet that in an external terminal via lein and BOOM, "output.calva-repl" came to live and connected. AWESOME. The whole problem was right there in front of the screen, outside the PC. That was my journey so far. I tried Lighttable before it got abandoned, Atom+Proton (too little, too weak) and IntelliJ/Cursive (powerful, but a massive beast, a slow starter and makes my notebook scream). In the long run I planned to punish myself with Emacs, since it seemed to be the most professional thing out there. But so far I LOVE VSC/Calva! I un-installed VSC a year ago after it simply didn't run on my Manjaro. Just thought I give it another try (it's in the repos now). After one evening at least I must say: It seems I found my IDE !!!


Glad to hear! That's good to know about those window settings. I've pretty much only used Calva for professional Clojure work. It has served me well. simple_smile