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David Pham15:12:58

I don't know where I should write this feedback, so please, forgive me if it is the wrong channel. I have been trying the emacs clojure-lsp with cider, and for the most part, it goes well. I have only an issue: the interaction between lsp and cider breaks a few goodies I liked in Cider. One of which is when inside a function call, cider displays the signature of the verb in the bottom message bar. (For example for max-keys, it would show the 3 arities, wheras LSP only displays the first in the UI). Moreover, it seems LSP confuses cider and cider can't lookup any core docs or definition. I like the refactoring abilities of LSP, but not sure I am ready to give up on cider for that.


Thanks for the feedback! It would be nice if you could open a issue on clojure-lsp with a sample how to reproduce the bug, this will help track the issue 🙂

David Pham15:12:48

I will do 🙂 Thanks

thanks 3