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R1D13 4clj to 81. had some troubles with 79: misunderstood the task which i realized after cheating my way to see the solutions 😳 getting a better feeling for coding/debugging every day. I feel like after this first round will be the perfect time to fiddle around with other editors/repls


79 is interesting. There are a couple of reasonable approaches (amcnamara uses the same approach I did but ((so)) much more elegantly). There are also a myriad of really bad approaches.


@U09FPJ924 yeah have him on my followers list. he gave me already some jaw-dropped moments xD


I think this was one of the most jaw dropping, mind blowing moments for me. Trying to figure it out led me to SICP and streams. It's mentioned in passing in one of the lectures you can watch on YouTube I think I first saw it on @clojuregrams, also a fun learning resource. Daily snippets of clojure.

Bobbi Towers05:09:21

Minesweeper, disjoint sets and getting my first Clojure job!

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am really tired after rehearsal day in my wind band but still did at least a bit of coding today (started 4clj82 and am confident to solve it tomorrow - although it will probably a very bad first solution being quite bloaty code... but mb i figure out a better way to solve this)


now definitely hammock time 😉


Day 13 - more demo graphics and I fell asleep before committing/pushing/writing the journal, so updated today Day 14 - some ClojureBridge content hacking in Markdown and Clojure, tweaking a few things I noticed when reviewing the material for this weekend's event. I must have fallen asleep at the keyboard on day 13 because the commit has broken the CircleCI build (so at least I know that its working in that regard).