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Hey, so I'm trying to get my open-source lib that builds on top of datomic to work correctly again. What I've got now is a leiningen profile where if it's included, the library uses datomic-free as a dependency. In general I want the other code calling this library to use either datomic-free or datomic-pro, so I can't really specify either one as a :scope "provided" dependency


I don't know how cljdoc works with leiningen, does it just parse pom files directly? If I could tell it "use this profile when running codox" I'd be home free


Also I don't see hardcoded-projects-config.edn anywhere in the repository, does it live elsewhere?


Oh, it's in the modules


Aha, I think I fixed it by adding datomic-free as a dependency with :optional true :scope "provided"


Sweet, that worked


@timgilbert glad you worked it out. For the record cljdoc only ever looks at the POM and never at Leiningen or Boot specific files. Also let me know if I could put this information somewhere more easily findable. I think there’s a section in the “For library authors” docs on this but let me know if it could be improved or should be shown more prominently.


Will do, thanks!