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Was very happy to find how easy it is to get started with Crux and RocksDB. Dumb question: How come it works without needing to install RocksDB on my mac? I thought I'd need to install RocksDB locally, same as needing to install PostgreSQL on my mac if I wanted to work with that. Instead, I just add the juxt/crux-rocksdb dependency to my project.clj and it works. Does that jar somehow include the binary for RocksDB?

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Steven Deobald23:02:32

@jtlocsei Yup, it's a dependency.


Great! Thanks for explaining. I guess what I was struggling to get my head around is that RocksDB is written in C++, so how does it work inside of a Java dependency? But now I see that rocksdbjni contains binaries for Linux, mac and windows (

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Steven Deobald23:02:19

If you try a lein deps :tree on a simple project.clj with a crux-rocksdb dep in it you'll see:

[juxt/crux-rocksdb "21.01-1.14.0-beta"]
   ... some other stuff ...
   [org.rocksdb/rocksdbjni "6.12.7"]