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Adam Helins17:02:09

Just as an informal survey, are there any CLJS devs not using Chrome (or a Chromium-based browser) most of the time when working? If you don't, why not?


I use safari as a daily driver, and do almost all of my dev work there.


few reasons - integration with iOS / icloud, the CSS engine is 👌 , it's lighter on my battery and CPU, and the devtools are great and aren't constantly changing.


it feels snappier and less bloated, basically...


@adam678 I'm just starting back down the cjls path and I'm using Microsoft's latest Edge, which is based on Chromium (so Chrome extensions all seem to work). I'm not sure whether that counts as a "yes" or a "no" to your question?

Adam Helins18:02:30

It's a "no". Thanks, I fixed my question.


has anyone run into this before?

ERROR - [JSC_LANGUAGE_FEATURE] This language feature is only supported for ECMASCRIPT_2018 mode or better: RegExp flag 's'.
var post_syntax_body = clojure.string.trim(cljs.core.re_find(/(?:(?!~|See also: ).)*/s,body_onward_stringed));
I am running of the reagent template here What I have works when I use figwheel but fails when I try to uberjar. the original line it is complaining about
post-syntax-body (cstr/trim (re-find #"(?s)(?:(?!~|See also: ).)*" body-onward-stringed))


maybe I should use something else besides "(?s)" to get a multine regex in cljs? or would this seem to be a config issue

Kira McLean22:02:38

I don’t know without digging into the config for your project, but it looks like something is just targeting the wrong js version. Can you force your build tool (whatever you’re using to compile the cljs) to target the different js version?


I am using lein, I can look up how to force a javascript version if possible

Kira McLean22:02:21

do you know what is doing the compilation of cljs->js? probably either figwheel or shadow-cljs..

Kira McLean22:02:54

anyway, I’m not sure, and realize vague suggestions with no context are probably not very useful. Just thought that’s maybe a thread to pull on if you haven’t gone down that road already.


Yea it is helpful, helps me think about the problem at the very least! I am using this

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is there a nicer way to do this (. js/document (getElementById "app")) ?


(-> "app" (js/document) .getElementById)

Michaël Salihi21:02:27

@kbosompem (.getElementById js/document "app")

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Kira McLean21:02:51

does anyone write UI-based tests (like interactive ones where you fire fake events and check the UI) with devcards? I’m trying to get some tests like this to run with karma atm and am struggling to get the devcards ui load in the browser launched by karma.. wondering if anyone else has had any luck with this.