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0.39-alpha-1 just hit; I'm working on extending things so that you can navigate around the schema to see types, fields, arguments ... and eventually, other things, such as union members, interface implementers, etc.


We're using it to automatically generate an "uber-query" that selects all fields below a starting query root.

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Our generated Uber query is over 7000 lines, once formatted (parses in 65 ms). Find all the nooks and crannies in your query.


Alas, the code is ugly and not something I'd share, and doesn't handle a lot of cases (such as unions or interfaces).


Still a work in progress.

Lennart Buit20:02:03

Very cool, keeping a close eye on all the selection stuff!

Lennart Buit20:02:05

In minor news, found a little spec compatibility bug in lacinia. Left a PR with a fix and some relevant links, no rush tho :)


I can check it out soon. Thanks!

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