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Eric Ihli14:07:54

Along those lines, and this may be more of a beginner Clojure question than a Crux question, how would I evaluate and run one of the functions stored as a transaction? A crux query for the function returns a chunked seq. How would I go about evaluating that as a fn so I can run it? My idea was if I can't get info about the failed transaction, I can do a (if-not (crux/tx-committed? conn tx)) (log/error (manually-run-validations ,,,)). The list I'm getting from querying for the function is below. I'm trying to figure out how to turn it into a callable.

edit: Ah yes. Same reason the second form below fails.
(eval `(+ 2 2))
  (eval `(defn foo [] (+ 2 2)))
Because qualifies with namespaces. And an fn` form can't take as a valid argument form. It needs just ctx I see.

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