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I fail to connect to my freshly set up datomic-pro. I get this error, which seems to be the usual one:


Datomic itself seems to have started fine: System started datomic:sql://<DB-NAME>?jdbc:, you may need to change the user and password parameters to work with your jdbc driver


In the transactor config, I've set protocol to sql, host to and port to 4334. I've added the license key and set the sql-url, -user, -password and -driver-class.


Is the peer also on localhost? If not you need to change transactor host= to something the peer can reach


Transactors bind to host then write host and alt-host to storage. Peers then read those out of storage and attempt to connect to either of them. So you need host and/or alt-host to be routeable hosts or ips peers can connect to


Yes, the PostgreSQL server is separate, but everything else is running on localhost